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Essay on Terrorism


Topic: The History of Terrorist Threats Worldwide and a way to Combat Terrorism

  • Give three examples of terrorist threats that have evolved in the last decade and the United States technique to combat these terror events/ threats.
  • Give an example on a way the United States can combat terror threats (Could be a new idea).
  • Specify if the United States should protect the interests of other countries or just protect our own country.
  • After decades of terrorist events and threats would terrorism finally end one day (a little opinionated).

Essay on Corruption


Topic: Television, Internet, and Politics

  • What specific roles do both media forums that you chose have in exposing the various aspects of a political process? Explain in detail.How persuasive are these media forums in terms of influencing the public about a politician or a campaign issue?
  • Explain. How significant a role have both media forums played in providing you with information relating to corruption in government? Provide 2-3 specific examples of information on government corruption that you have received from the media.
  • Discuss whether the information you have received from the media on government corruption has changed your opinion of a particular government official, government office, or political process, be it federal, state or local.
  • Provide 2–3 examples of media influence with regard to politics and democracy.
  • Describe and explain the specifics of each example.

Essay on Pollution


Topic: Eco Justice

  • The oil pollution in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, and how it affected the populace in the region.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to a Custom Essay

Your custom  essay is almost due and all you have is an essay topic with a few brief instructions. If you’re lucky, you may have had a tutorial on some basic custom essay techniques, but that’s it! No-one has really told you what’s expected, what you lose and gain grades on, and how much effort or time you are expected to put in. This text will help to clarify all of these matters.

Custom essays involve a lot of detective work. Think of yourself as an academic detective who has to solve the puzzle of the essay topic that confronts you. You are to find the relevant facts, motives and logical explanations of the topic under investigation. In your quest for understanding and explanation, you have to put aside any personal views you may have about a topic, and leave no stones unturned. In the course of your investigation of an essay topic you will uncover much information and often conflicting explanations or theories. Being an academic detective means that you look upon the evidence gathered with a ‘critical eye’ and accept nothing on blind faith. To ensure that you take nothing for granted and properly evaluate the information you uncover, do as Sherlock Holmes would do, and keep the following detective questions in mind:

  • Is the information you have found relevant to the topic?
  • Is your information up to date?
  • Do you have supporting evidence for any claims made?
  • What explanations support the evidence collected?
  • Do alternative or conflicting explanations and evidence exist?

The work of an academic detective is something you learn by doing, but you can also learn basic skills and tips from those who have gone before you. So, let this tutorial be your guide to the secret methods of the academic detective; your ‘sidekick’ that helps your investigation along by clarifying how to find, analyze and organize the information you need to answer an custom essay question

Custom Essay Style Guide

This page contains a collection of most popular style guides used by the majority of colleges and universities.

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